Lionel Kilberg's CDs
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You can make a contribution to the National Kidney Foundation by purchasing Lionel's CDs via PayPal. They are $15 each and all proceeds go to the NKF in Lionel's memory.  Or send checks to Frank Glaz, K-11-A Pinetree Blvd., Old Bridge, NJ 08857.

Thank you !
Additional Options
"DOWN WITH UP" (mid 1960's) - Musical satires of events of the era.
"UNCLE LIONEL AND THE TOO TOO BIRD" - A wonderful Christmas story for kids and several kids songs.
"RAILROAD GYPSY" - more mid-60's current events satires plus new folk songs in a traditional style.
"WE WALKED BY THE WATER" - This is actually Kate Wolf's first album, Lionel wrote the music, plays bass and sings background vocals.
"LYONELL.....WHERE YA BEEN ?" - Lionel's last CD, put together from long-lost cassettes. Friends Mike Soloway and Alan DeMaus perform some tunes as well.
"NICE AND EASY" - A collection of songs Lionel wrote after getting married late in life.
"THROUGH MY EYES" - Another of Lionel's later collections with a variety of satirical and romantic songs as well as sea chanties.
"CANDLE TALK" - Lionel teams up with Ron and Susan Rogers in one of his 80's recordings.
"MUCHO MUCHO AMORE" - One of 3 CDs featuring Lionel with Shirley Keller and Hal Wylie.
"THE SEE-SAW SEA" - The chidren's musical that almost played on Broadway.
"COOL VIBRATIONS" - Lionel, Shirley, and Hal with more satire, love songs, bluegrass, sea songs, children's songs, and some genres you have never heard !